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Comprises a larger selection of products across our Heat therapy, Ice Therapy, Magnesium and Support ranges.


Wintergreen™ Muscle Warm-up Ultra provides a strong heat sensation good for use on very stiff, tight muscles before exercise, or in very cold weather conditions. 

Wintergreen™ Ice Spray provides instant, cold pain relief for strains, sprains and bruises.  Wintergreen™ Menthol Hot Gel uses the benefits of heat and cold therapy to provide pain relief for strains, sprains and inflammation

Wintergreen™ Joint Support spray promotes joint health and temporarily relieves pain associated with inflammation, arthritis, excessive wear and tear from sport or while healing from an injury or operation.

Wintergreen™ Magnesium spray can be applied before or during training to prevent or alleviate muscle cramping and Wintergreen™ Magnesium Soak, made with the highest grade of pure magnesium sulphate (Epsom salts) and magnesium chloride, helps alleviate or prevent cramping and eliminate lactic acid build up that causes muscle stiffness.