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Magnesium Body

Recommended for the relief of muscle cramps and muscle inflammation.

For youthful looking skin.

  • Pure Magnesium
  • Wintergreen Oil
  • Arnica Oil
  • Vitamin E

To support bone and muscle health, this lotion can be used before and after exercising. Daily use will hydrate skin, giving it a youthful look and feel.


Pro Tip:

The benefits of this lotion are multifaceted. It’s a cream so it absorbs quickly into the skin without much pressure needed, making it a great option to use as a daily moisturizer or before bed to help the body relax. By applying it after a shower or bath when the body is warm and the pores are open the lotions added Vitamin E oil and Shea butter help hydrate the skin and improve its appearance, keeping it toned and supple, reducing the effects of ageing and helping to repairing sun damage.  While the wintergreen, arnica oil and the pure magnesium go deeper, reducing muscle fatigue, inflammation and pain, replenishing and preventing cramping caused when too much magnesium is lost during excessive sweating whilst exercising.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Justin Sommers

With only one review available on the website, my expectations were uncertain. However, on the very first day I received the lotion, my mother-in-law, who suffers from arthritis in both hands, tried it. Making a fist was a challenge for her, but after applying the lotion for just a few minutes, she was able to do it with ease. She was so impressed that she asked to buy a bottle right away. I've also incorporated this incredible lotion as an add-on at REMassage – it truly is a gamechanger!

Connie Rosinsky
Age Group Nationals Milwaukee

Used this lotion on a knee injury I had a week before Nationals triathlon in Milwaukee. This is what got me to the start line, without the lotion I would not have been competing. Thank you, Winter Green 😊