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    Pre-workout heating rub for the ultimate warmup.

    External analgesic

    • Wintergreen Oil
    • Menthol
    • Shea Butter

    Activated with vigorous rubbing, this powerful formulation creates a long lasting heating element to warm muscles before your race or a strenuous training session.


    Pro Tip:

    This is the lightest heat in the heating range,  it’s a good idea to start with the Muscle Warm Up to feel what the heating up of muscles using a heating agent feels like, before moving onto a stronger heating agent such as the Muscle Warm Up Ultra, Hot Muscle Cream or Heat Spray.

    It’s also a great option to use to warm up the muscles pre-training or game, especially in warmer climates or if you are not keen on too much of a heat sensation and don’t want to be too aware of the heat rub while you train, but still want the benefits of getting the circulation going to loosen up the muscle to improve mobility and flexibility.

    Muscle Warm Up contains a mix of Wintergreen oil, Menthol and Methyl Salicylate which means it has a pain relieving, cooling effect when first applied to the skin and with a few minutes of vigorous massage, warms the skin, the muscle, and the body up as a whole.

    Muscle Warm Ups initial waxy texture melts in to a Vaseline like shea butter on rubbing and  this helps to insulate the heat into the muscle, which in wet playing conditions, allowing the muscles to stay warmer and therefor looser for longer.