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Optimizing Athletic Performance: Insights from Wintergreen’s Sports Massage Therapist, Daliah Hurwitz

April 15, 2024 2 min read

Optimizing Athletic Performance:  Insights from Wintergreen’s Sports Massage Therapist, Daliah Hurwitz

Optimizing Athletic Performance:

Insights from Wintergreen’s Sports Massage Therapist, Daliah Hurwitz

Wintergreen is dedicated to supporting and educating athletes throughout their training journey, emphasizing the importance of proper warm-up, recovery, and injury prevention. The brand offers a range of Recovery products designed to simplify and enhance the recovery process. Wintergreen has conducted research and engaged athletes in initiatives like the Wintergreen Challenge to test and showcase the benefits of topical magnesium.

As a seasoned sports massage therapist of 25 years, I incorporate Wintergreen’s magnesium products into my own recovery routine and recommend them to my clients. From office workers to professional athletes, everyone’s recovery needs vary based on their lifestyle, exercise habits, and health constraints. Below are some of my recommendations:

Sports Massage Therapists and Athletic Trainers:

For professionals who spend long hours on their feet, self-care is essential. Hydration, exercise, and magnesium supplementation help maintain physical and mental well-being. Incorporating Wintergreen magnesium baths, lotions and sprays will aid in muscle relaxation and pain relief.

Desk Worker Weekend Warrior:

Everyone with sedentary jobs benefit from a regular recovery routine. Physical exertion after sitting at a desk for hours on end means muscles will be stiff and tight and therefore prone to soft tissue injuries when exercising. Monthly Wintergreen Arnica oil massages and daily use of Wintergreen Magnesium lotion will help alleviate stiffness and inflammation, as well as prevent injuries. Post-exercise Wintergreen magnesium baths aid in detoxification and muscle recovery.

Balanced Work and Training Lifestyles:

Clients balancing work and training should prioritize hydration, nutrition, and recovery. Weekly or bi-weekly Wintergreen Arnica oil massages coupled with Wintergreen magnesium lotion and Wintergreen Pain relief menthol hot get will mitigate fatigue and enhance performance. Topical magnesium before and after exercise targets muscle cramps, alleviates muscle soreness and aids recovery.

Dedicated Athletes and Professionals:

Professional athletes understand the importance of recovery as a fundamental aspect of performance enhancement. Athletes pre-training or competition regimen should include a friction rub with Wintergreen warmup ultra and/or Wintergreen pain relief heat cream and targeted application of Wintergreen Magnesium spray, onto muscles prone to cramping. Their post training or competition regimen should be Wintergreen magnesium & hot mustard soak combination bath, followed by applying Wintergreen Magnesium lotion and Pain relief joint spray onto sore or stiff joints and muscles.

This should be incorporated into their personalized recovery plans to ensure peak physical condition.

Whether starting out or striving for peak performance, prioritizing recovery is key to achieving athletic goals. Wintergreen’s range of Recovery products offers accessible and effective solution for individuals at all levels of physical activity. By integrating these products into their routines, athletes can enhance their recovery and overall well-being, setting themselves up for success in their sporting endeavors.